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Last Minute Packing

last minute moving checklist

If you’ve left your essential packing to the last minute when moving to new home, don’t fret and throw all your belongings in a duffel bag. By remaining calm, and systematically packing room-by-room, you might be surprised how quickly you can get your entire house sorted, packed, and ready for your move.

Packing Heavy Items

First off, breathe. Slowly assemble a list of your belongings based on the rooms they will go in. Start with large, bulky, heavy items like couches, closets, beds, tables. These are the items you may need assistance lifting or disassembling for travel. (Get them ready for loading into the truck – but don’t load them yet. Practically speaking, those are the first items you want to unpack, in order to get the hardest part done first, so you may want to load them in the most accessible area of the truck.)

Packing Smaller Items

Once the large furniture is disassembled, make a list of smaller items – these may include kitchen appliances and silverware, clothing, storage containers, electronic equipment, small furniture, and decorative items. It helps to have transparent storage containers, so you can easily see which room of your new location your boxes belong in. Pack these small items into boxes based on their intended room positions. It helps to pack small items in boxes together – and large items by themselves, to maximize ease of carrying. Additionally, it can help you to consolidate space by using any available items you will be packing as containers themselves. A great tip for packing clothes is to leave them on the hangars – there’s no need to unfold them, simply secure them together with a couple strong belts, so that when you arrive you can hang them all together again with no unfolding necessary.

Carry-on Bags, and Unloading

Make sure to prepare a carry-on bag, with all the essentials you will need at immediate hand during the moving journey – leave all these items aside, so you don’t accidentally pack them somewhere hard to retrieve. Also make sure to hold onto your packing list, so you can unpack as efficiently and practically as possible.


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