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Moving can be a taxing transition. Not only are you responsible for the safe packing, transportation, and unpacking off all your belongings – you also have to psychologically and spiritually say goodbye to your previous home or business location. Moving is best accomplished with a deep pool of stamina – the physical endurance of it requires it. This stamina, isn’t only best served by lifting boxes, but by making sure that you are mindfully grounded throughout the entire moving process. In this blog, I’ll provide some personal tips to help you ensure that your move will be as calm and zen as possible.

Lists and Labels

The most important step you can take to ensure a stress-free move is to prepare in advance for the logistics of the packing process. Make an organized list of the various items/furniture that you will be bringing with you – organized by room. By packing your items room by room, you will make sure you are as efficient with unpacking as possible – simply bring the box labelled “kitchen” into the kitchen, and unpack as you go. Transparent boxes are very handy as well in terms of being aware of what exactly you’re packing, so you know the best order to pack according to the first items you’ll want to unpack.


Stock up on Supplies

Sit down and make a list of all the supplies you’ll need prior to moving. Make sure you have enough boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape well in advance. You can never have enough boxes, and if there’s any left over, you can always donate them to someone else who’s moving.


Comfort and Self-Care

Make the most of the repetitive motions of packing and moving, and pamper yourself. Put on some great music or a favorite movie; light some candles, or enjoy a glass of wine. Remember to drink lots of water, and be comfortable with the idea of taking breaks. If you’re trying to undertake the entire project at once, make sure that you have rewards to give yourself at certain checkpoints to make the work go more quickly. This could be anything from getting a massage, eating a favorite food, or taking a bath.


Create Scrapbooks or a Memory Box

When you’re sorting through all your old items, deciding what to keep and discard, remember that the decision doesn’t have to be too difficult. By setting aside a contained book or box for objects that evoke special memories, you can help honor the emotional process of moving while keeping the process organized.


Make it a Moving Party

Why pack all by yourself? Get some chips, some guacamole, or some drinks and invite friends and family over to assist you. You can enjoy conversation and company while getting work done – and the work will go much faster with the extra hands.

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Hiring Professional Movers

Imperial Moving & Storage

When selecting a moving company in NYC you don’t have to risk ending up with extra fees on your bill that you never signed up for. By paying attention to the company you choose and the contract that you have with it, you can have a moving experience that will cause you neither problems nor stress. Here are few tip on hiring professional movers in NYC.

1. Do Your Research

With internet access you can look into which moving companies behave professionally. There are even sites available now where you can see reviews that will tell you who is trustworthy and who to avoid at all costs. You might also consider asking friends and family or co-workers about their experiences with moving companies.

2. Ask for Estimates

Charges are often levied depending on the weight of what you are moving, as well as the distance and whether you use the company’s packing service. Choose a few top companies that you’re considering and get estimates from each of them a few months ahead of your move date. Some companies will send someone to your home to take a look and give you a more accurate estimate.

3. Insuring Your Move

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance insure your belongings while they are in your home, but it won’t cover the same items during your move. To be safe, think about obtaining moving insurance. This type of insurance will not only cover loss, but also breakage as long as the moving company does your packing.

4. Read Your Contract

While it might seem like common sense, many people never read their moving contract. Inspect your contract carefully, then keep a copy of it in the event that something goes wrong. If it doesn’t say precisely what you were told by the movers, or if something sounds fishy, stop and ask questions until you’re satisfied. There are moving company scams out there, and a simple reading of your contract can help you avoid them.

5. Consider the Timing of Your Move

Depending on the time of year, your move might end up more expensive. Winter moves tend not to be as pricy, since companies aren’t generally as busy during this time. Ask about a company’s slowest periods of the year, and if you can move during those months, it will be easier on not only your pocketbook but the stress level of everyone involved.

6. Maintain Your Schedule

After your belongings have been loaded up, make sure to stick to the date you’re supposed to move into your new home. If the date is delayed, you could end up with extra fees or be forced to put your items into storage – both will cost you quite a bit of money.

7. Check for Damage and Loss

As your belongings are being delivered, check them off the inventory sheet. Open boxes containing items that can be broken or damaged and verify that they are still in the condition you packed them away in. The moving company is responsible for any lost or damaged belongings, so make sure that you hold them to it.

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Student Moving Tips




Imperial Moving values our students. Face it, being a student is no easy task. Calculus, advanced economics, philosophy discourse and thesis papers are great tasks leading to a very big achievement. Half of what it takes to be a student is based on preparation, hard work and dedication. And in the end, knowing your material and studying it in order to excel when you need to is imperative. These characteristics build trust, integrity and value. At Imperial Moving, we value our students because we identify similarities in our desire to achieve worthwhile goals. That’s why we offer support and services as a moving company. In this way students can get to what is most important more quickly: that’s their goals. Since we’ve moved many students in the past, we have some quick tips to expedite this process. In the end you’ll save money, time and energy.



Study Packing


Packing for a move is half the battle! A well-organized box is like a well-organized desk. All your tools and resources are there when you need them most. To pack a good box, first, try to think in terms of grouping. Try to fit items of similar sizes together. This will of course save space and assist your memory. After grouping similar sized items. Think about using protective materials like bubble wrap and foam peanuts to keep items safe. Make certain that the box is not over 40lbs. If you’re in the clear, use shirts clothing or non-sensitive materials to fill in the gaps. This will make certain that the structure of the box maintains its integrity. To seal the box, use high-quality box or packing tape; label it with an extensive not on its contents if you have to and be sure to discern if it’s fragile or otherwise. If you’re worried about packing. Let us help. Imperial Moving has studied packing pretty well to this point. We can move you in no time.





Prevent yourself, at all costs, from finishing Dexter, The Walking Dead or re-watching Friends. If there was a reason why your term paper didn’t turn out so hot, it might have been because you didn’t spend ample time structuring your argument, perfecting your rhetoric and syntax. The sooner you begin to organize your move the sooner you’ll be able to accomplish a better grade for the move; and, the sooner you’ll be pleased with the success of the experience.




Even if you’re not the fraternity or sorority type, when you arrive at your destination, ask for help. Students are everywhere and most of them should want you to succeed as their peers. Theirs no harm in wanting help to set up a dresser, bookshelf or bed if you can’t do it yourself. Or, just ask Imperial Moving. We’re used to this sort of thing.


Security Box


Pack a box of essentials. These are things you can’t do without. For example: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other toiletries; perhaps another pair of clothing some pens, paper and a book— after all, you’re a student.


Imperial Moving likes to see our students succeed. Have a question about student moving? Ask us! We’re here for you every step of the way to ensure your move goes better than planned.



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